Welcome to the eMeasures Snapshot Survey

We're currently running an eMeasures Snapshot survey for Public Libraries. Given the impact on traditional library services as a result of COVID19, it is especially important that libraries demonstrate their ongoing value and usage. Participating libraries will receive an infographic of their data and summary reports as well as an analysis of the findings as soon as they become available.
This is intended to be a "count week" type of survey to capture electronic usage data. To participate, review the survey questions then decide when you will capture the data for the survey. Participants completing their survey before the end of August 2020 will be included in the summary reports and analysis.

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Please note, the survey is voluntary and all questions are optional. The Every Library Institute will use the survey results to generate content for use by participants to help improve advocacy and awareness initiatives.
We are very interested in your comments, suggestions and feedback about this service; Please use this feedback form and/or respond to the feedback question included in the survey. For frequently asked questions you can visit our FAQ page, it will be updated as questions are asked.